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At St Matthew’s we believe that the Bible is God’s Word for us today, and so listening to it is a central part of each service that we run

Here are the  messages from our recent series


2 Peter 1 - Aim High!

2 Peter 2 - Watch Out!

2 Peter 3 - Be Prepared!

Here are the  messages from our series


#1 - Where did the world come from?

The world was made by the one true God who is three persons - Father, Son & Holy Spirit

#3 - What is God like?

God is eternal and all-powerful - free from the limits of time and space. He's perfectly loving, holy and wise 

#5 - How significant is human life?

Every human being is highly significant for we are images of God

#7 - Who's a good person?


#9- Is there any hope for wrong-doers?

Yes! Jesus paid the penalty for sin, in our place, to bring us to God

#2 - Why did God create the world?

 God created the world so that he could save us, to show how great and good he is

#4 - Why are we male and female?

We were made man & woman to work as a team, to take care of the world

#6- How can we know how to live?

We can know how to live because God has spoken - the Bible is his message to us

#8 - Does anything really matter?

It matters whether or not we listen to the Lord because we're all in danger of a lost eternity

#10 - What should we say at heaven's gates?

I don't deserve to come in, but I trust in Jesus

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#11 - Do all religions lead to God?

Only trusting in Jesus the messiah leads to eternal life

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