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James Croucher
Tom Brassil

Minister for Sherford

St. Matthew’s Church is located on the eastern edge of Plymouth, next to the Elburton Inn.

We are an easy walk from most parts of the parish, have plenty of parking available,

and are well-served by public transport.

We are an anglican church, meaning that we are part of the Church of England, and we are evangelical, meaning that we try to follow the Bible's teaching even when it's counter-cultural.

Why we exist

We believe that everyone in the world is walking on one of two paths. Either they are walking on the 'broad path that leads to destruction'  or on the 'narrow path that leads to life.'  (You can read more about this in Matthew chapter 7.) St Matthew's Church exists to help people discover the narrow path

and stay on it.  To this end we run many different groups and activities.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the church office, or just visit us on a Sunday

- you would be so welcome, whatever your beliefs or background. 

Meet the Team

DSC_0481[1] (2).JPG
James Croucher


James joined St Matthew’s in June 2016, moving here with his wife Becky and their three young boys. Previously he was a teacher in Amman, Jordan and a trainee minister in Romford, Essex. James enjoys swinging a golf club and having a go at a range of other sports.

[ Photo to come soonish ]

Mick Abbey

Church Warden

[Info to come soonish]

Linda Dodwell


Linda is from Cornwall, and has helped many bereaved families find hope in the midst of great sadness.

Jenny Hart

Admin Team

When she’s not keeping the church running, Jenny enjoys walking, singing and painting.

John Price

Youth Minister

John, his wife and two sons moved to St Matthew’s in September 2015. Since then the family has been blessed by the addition of a daughter. Before moving to Plymouth John was a ministry trainee in Hove, Sussex, and worked as a baker for three years. John loves it when stories are told in a visual manner, from movies and TV shows to video games and comic books. He also enjoys spending time trying to bake something tasty in his kitchen.

Maggie Owen

Church Warden

Margaret Bonning was christened in postwar Devonport many moons ago. Having trained as a teacher in Hertfordshire, Maggie returned to Hooe as Maggie Owen in 1988 with husband Bob and three children. They moved to Elburton in 2001. Maggie recognised Rod Thomas from his time at St Andrew’s, and he helped them find their home at St Matthew's. Maggie enjoys reading, walking and talking over a cuppa.

Alan Hart

Safeguarding Representative

Alan has been around at St Matthew's ever since he moved to Plymouth from Liverpool many years ago. 

Our safeguarding page is located here.

Cynthia Draper

Admin Team

Cindy has been part of St Matthew’s since she was five, with a break when she moved away. Since retiring about 15 years ago, Cindy's been working in the church office, but is finally handing things on to some new office helpers.

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