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9am - 3pm

Holiday Club 2024

Tuesday 9th - Friday 12th April


Our Holiday Club's timings are: 9am - 3pm

(You can drop your child(ren) off a bit before 9am if you need to.)


It's for anyone currently in Primary School.

There will be approximately 80 spaces, including 8 for young people with extra needs

Bookings have now closed.


The price of this year's Holiday Club is:

£40 per child (£30 for part of week)

with £10 off per sibling

includes all snacks, lunches, crafts, t-shirt etc.

Financial support available


Please email

Our Aim

We hope to help every young person come to know more about the Lord God in the context of an exciting adventure, while giving hard-working parents and carers a well-earned break


Here are some things said about Holiday Club 2024:

Q. Are there any tweaks or changes you would suggest for future years?

Kelly writes: "No, think it was run amazingly and very successful. Can't thank everyone enough."

Q. What did your child most appreciate?

Helen writes: "This was [my daughter's] first time at the holiday club. She thoroughly enjoyed it so much so she was booked for 3 days and then attended all 4 days. The range of activities." 

Q. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Kelly writes: "Could there possibly be another towards the end of the year like in October half term for a couple of days." [Answer: Nope!]

Helen writes: "Great value for working parents in the holiday. We would certainly attend any others in the future."

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