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If you would like to download a pdf copy of the booklet for your own use, please click here

If you would like to download a pdf formatted to send off
for professionally-printed booklets, please click here.


One website you can order them in the UK & Ireland is
(Just one we came across online and have used successfully)
From this link simply follow these steps to obtain your own booklets:

1. Click Instant Quote / Buy Now

2. Select A5 & Portrait then Click Continue

3. Check Green Line is around box that says
    'Our recommended specifications'
     then click 'Continue'



4. In the Pages box write '28'
     then type in how many copies you would like to order
     then click 'Get a Quote'
     in Job Name box write in 'Consider - 1' (or whatever you like)
     then click 'Order Now'

5. Click Upload Artwork
     select the Consider pdf from your computer
     then click 'Add To Cart'
     then click 'Proceed to Checkout' 

6. Fill in your details, check, choose postage settings & order!


Consider © St Matthew's Church 2021-22

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