Connect Club

Connect Club is St. Matthew's very own after-school club for school years 1-6 running on Tuesdays from 15.30 - 16:30.  Each week we'll be having fun with crafts and games as well as learning a little bit more about Jesus and the Bible.

Whilst the kids are downstaors in the hall having fun, the parents can relax upstairs in the friendly atmosphere of our very own Connect Club Cafe with a coffee, some biscuits, and friendly conversation.  With an area for toddlers provided in the cafe this is a place where all the family can enjoy some time after school.

Winter Term 2014

16th September 2014 - 21st October 2014


4th November 2014 - 2nd December 2014

Spring Term 2015

13th January 2015

For more information contact Guy Airton: (01752) 547226 or 07906 268264