Welcome to St. Matthew's

Most visitors to St Matthew’s say how friendly the people are. This is probably because we really do enjoy welcoming new people into our church family. Unfortunately we can’t really communicate ‘friendliness’ in a web site. What we can do is show how our priorities shape our various activities and also give information which we hope will answer your questions.

The most useful thing I think I can say to give you a feel for St Matthew’s is that our heart is in attracting people to faith in Jesus Christ (hopefully making us outgoing) and our priority is to understand and apply God’s Word in our lives (so there’s a healthy emphasis on Bible teaching and study).

At the end of the day, there is no point in St Matthew’s just being a sociable place; we believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is of such profound importance that what we most want is to enable people to encounter Him.

We have several members of staff and as a result we’re able to have dedicated groups and activities for all age ranges. However, we function as a ‘family’ only because we believe that everyone in the congregation has a role to play.

So, why not pay us a visit?

RT Signature

Rod Thomas
Vicar of St. Matthew's (until September 2015)